Posture and a healthier work environment

As more and more of us are working office jobs, we have changed into a sitting population putting more stress on our bodies.  As a society, we are sitting more and becoming increasingly sedentary.

Chronic inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for many chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity.  It also leads to weight gain, weakness and postural changes.

People who work at a computer all day commonly work in a head forward position.  This increases strain on the muscle, ligaments and joints in the neck, often leading to neck pain, which may require treatment and intervention.

A poor workstation can also lead to health issues.  When we reach for the mouse or keyboard, or use them with our wrist or arm in a strained position, stress is put on our wrist, arms and backs that can lead to strains and postural syndrome.

Conversely, people who live a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle and who operate in a healthy work environment perform better at work, have less sick days and are more satisfied with their work.

Although it may seem like a complex and expensive problem, providing a healthier work environment can be simple and inexpensive.  By simple getting up and moving around through your work day, you will improve your posture and will prevent injuries.  Take regular “postural breaks” by getting out of your work chair and stretching.

The professionals at MOBO PHYSIO can help to treat chronic postural changes and aches and pains related to work related pain or help you to provide a healthier workplace in order to prevent injuries.  Visit our website for more information.

Dr. Justin Arseneau