Crocodile breathing – simply lie on your stomach and when you inhale through your nose, think of breathing air into your stomach by pushing your stomach into the floor. This will elevate your back. Then exhale slowly through your mouth. This will stimulate diaphragm function. The diaphragm is the primary muscle used for breathing but it is commonly dysfunctional. It also serves as a huge contributor to spinal stability.

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Barefoot walking – The foot has millions of nerve endings that are constantly giving information to the brain about your environment. When you wrap these up in a shoe you take away a lot of that information and the brain is left to infer this information. This leads to compensations in movement throughout the body. SO try barefoot walking 5 minutes a day!

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Crawling – Yep, that’s right! When you are a baby, you don’t complain of back pain. You are simply learning through exploring your environment. Crawling is one of the first ways to move from point A to point B. During this period, the baby is naturally developing spinal stability in preparation for walking. It isn’t as simple a movement as we may think. It involves stabilizing the core while producing reciprocal movement of the limbs. This involves so much processing by the brain so that it has no time to produce pain. Try a few minutes a day of crawling…. Maybe on your bed first so you don’t hurt your knees.



Morris Senior, MScPT, RPT, CSCS, FMS, GAMP